Obama rocks America with speech everyone's heard ...

Follow the last link for more on how Republicans have chosen to abandon our American family by embracing a draconian small-government ethos that led them to nominate, uh, George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. If you watched his dreary budget speech in April or any of his thousand speeches on the Buffett Rule that’s predictably gone nowhere legislatively (and wasn’t designed to do otherwise), then your streamate bases are mostly covered. This is worth flagging, though:

As BuzzFeed reminds us, the only way the stalemate’s going to be broken is if Democrats take back the House, and pretty much no one thinks Democrats are going to take back the House. So this is his new pitch, per the “clash of competing visions” theme: It’s not enough to re-elect The One, we need to give him a mandate — and a blue Congress, presumably — on top of it. Interesting idea. If only he’d had a landslide win and a Democratic Congress before, imagine all the wonderful things he could have done for America.

Update: Via Mediaite, I don’t get it. What’s wrong with a dull, repetitive 54-minute speech delivered by a cameraboys guy whose numbers seem to dip every time he’s on TV for too long?